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Taking care of your rug

Handmade rugs are extremely durable and the Serge LESAGE signature is a guarantee of quality.

Rugs are very easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. They can be cleaned and repaired almost indefinitely.

The secret to keeping a rug in good condition is to vacuum regularly with a smooth brush and to deal with any stains as quickly as possible by drying and absorbing any liquid that has been released, using a cloth or paper towel, without rubbing.

If you wish, when you buy your rug, we can offer you an anti-stain treatment: it protects the fibre of the rug, makes it waterproof and gives you peace of mind when it comes to stains.

Over time, to restore the appearance of your rug's uniformity, we also recommend that you have it professionally cleaned. Specialist cleaning treats dirt, most stains and liquid stains on viscose.

For more information, you can always contact us or follow our tips below to keep your rug as fresh as new and ensure it lasts longer.

Serge Lesage carpet maintenance guide - Break-in for the first months

First few months' break-in

New wool and viscose rugs can cause " fluff " to appear.
This is nothing unusual and is what distinguishes a good quality rug, as it is due to the inherent qualities of the material. During the first few weeks, short fibres will detach and appear on the surface of the carpet. All you have to do is vacuum them up. This "fluffing" disappears after a few weeks' use.
A thread that overhangs may appear at the intersection of two colours on a knotted carpet; this is an excess that should be cut off with a pair of scissors.

Serge Lesage carpet maintenance guide - Dusting

Dust cleaning

Do this every week using your vacuum cleaner at normal power, brush position for woollen carpets and brushless position for viscose and leather rugs. Avoid going back and forth too often. This operation should not be overlooked because dust, by encrusting itself in the heart of the rug, suffocates the fibres which, like all organic substances, need air to remain in good condition. What's more, a dirty rug is often invaded by mites.
Turn your rug from time to time to spread the light over the entire surface.

Serge Lesage carpet maintenance guide - Stain removal

To remove stains

In the event of an incident, take immediate action, especially for viscose, which is a delicate and highly absorbing material. Start by removing the excess by dabbing with a white cloth or paper towel in the case of a liquid stain, or with a sponge in the case of a solid stain (e.g. sauce, etc.). Never use a shampoo on wool, viscose or any natural material.

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Serge Lesage interview guide

Leather rugs

For all types of stain, once the excess has been removed, apply sparkling water to the stain and all around it, then dab with a clean white cloth (never scrub), always moving from the outside to the inside of the stain, until it disappears.
For professional cleaning, we recommend dry cleaning.

Wool carpet - viscose or Tencel™

Once the excess has been removed, here are the different steps to follow :

Serge Lesage carpet care guide - Leather carpet step 1

Always make sure to dab, never rub, from the outside to the inside of the stain (coffee, red wine, oily or sauce stains) and this is to avoid the appearance of halos as much as possible. Use a solution of warm water mixed with white fabric softener (without pigment) and a few drops of washing powder. Apply the mixture.

Serge Lesage carpet care guide - Leather carpet step 2

Always rinse with clean water and a clean white cloth, continuing to dab from the outside to the inside of the treated area.

Serge Lesage carpet maintenance guide - Leather carpet step 3

Dry as quickly as possible. Upside down or hanging for viscose to avoid a halo. Once the area is dry, vacuum the rug to raise the pile.

To preserve the original beauty of your rug

As a general rule, avoid:

  • Placing it in an area that is too confined or particularly humid.
  • Leaving it in the same place all the time, especially if it is a high-traffic area. It is also advisable to periodically change the direction of the rug.
  • Treating stains from a dusty carpet: it is essential to vacuum it first.
  • Soaking rugs.

For hide rugs, which are sensitive to rubbing:

  • Do not use hide carpets in high-traffic areas.
  • Turn your carpet regularly to avoid excessive localized rubbing.
  • Protect the feet of heavy chairs and tables.
Serge Lesage maintenance guide - preserving the original beauty of your carpet

Every three or four years, your rug will need a deep cleaning, a real "wash" that should be carried out by a professional, to restore it to its original volume and appearance.