Founded in 1984, Serge LESAGE is a French company that creates, edits and
sells exceptional contemporary rugs.

Taken over in 2004 by a textile group from the North of France, Serge LESAGE very quickly considered that rugs are an essential decorative element in interior design projects. It then became the first specialist in the manufacture of made-to-measure contemporary rugs by opening a design office dedicated to special projects while offering various tools to help with colouring on its website, accessible to all.

Numerous contemporary, aesthetic and inspiring creations are born and sign Serge LESAGE collections, over the years.

Serge LESAGE rugs are entirely handmade in the workshops in India and meet the highest standards of quality and weaving. They are the result of a profound collaboration between cultures, where contemporary creation and the hand of the craftsman meet and where respect for ancestral know-how and environmental requirements come together, thus creating a new and beautiful story for each collection.

Each carpet is unique as it is the fruit of the interpretation of each person who contributes to its creation thanks to his know-how, his talent, his eye, his hand...

We know that this weaving of links is precious.
We are proud to be able to transmit these links and to weave
new ones with all the people who will acquire a rug from our collections.
We are delighted to be able to be amazed by the beauty of a rug
when you unroll it in front of you and to imagine you discovering it.

This is what inspires Maison Serge LESAGE today.